19 September 2012

Messing about on the River Thames

Saturday was a beautiful day in London with blue, blue skies and a soft warm sunshine. This was very lucky as it was the day of the Great River Race when over 300 crews were taking part in a marathon rowing race and thousands of spectators were lining the route.

We set up our position by Kew Bridge and watched some paddle boarders go past, a little wobbly on the part of the learner but by the time they returned he seemed to have got the hang of it!  The Thames is much cleaner than it has been for a very long time but I reckon it's still better not to fall in....

Teacher and pupil paddle boarders

Then the racers started to appear and we saw the first boats heave themselves into view. The race starts at the Docklands and finishes just past Richmond, 21 miles later. The slower boats start first and the quicker boats then have to catch them up to win, though each boat is timed individually.

It was a great spectacle especially when seen against the lovely riverside of Kew. 

The early boats come into view
Rowing through Kew Bridge
A great figure head and a drum beat to row by
Outriggers were there too

The beautiful backdrop of Strand on the Green

Alongside the serious rowers are some 'fun' rowers. A bit like their land marathon comparators, people like to dress up or try rather challenging boats for this daunting task and I salute their achievement! 

Fun rowers in tutus!
Gondoliers from Malta
Dressed for a different occasion!

Bye for now


  1. It sounds very well for a great race. I think all the team did great job here and I am so inspired having this story and would love to share it with my other friend who love it.

    Betty@ RiverThame canal boat hire

  2. Do you know where to route finished?

    I was lucky enough to be staying in a serviced apartment in Richmond so I ended up right near the action but never got to see it which is a shame because it sounds pretty cool!

    South west London is always a gorgeous place to visit! I would recommend Richmond, Twickenham and Kingston! :)