8 December 2014

London's festive lights! (Part 1)

When does Christmas start in London? If you believe some of the shops it's September or even August but for me it's when the famous Christmas tree is lit in Trafalgar Square on 4th December.  The tree has been sent from the people of Norway every year from 1947 to thank the people of Great Britain for their support during the Second World War. I was in the square to see the lights go on as the carols are sung and suddenly felt all Christmassy! The reflection in the fountain was a bonus.

A tour of all the Christmas lights with a good friend is a Christmas tradition and here is this year's photo gallery so you can join our tour virtually. There are so many lovely lights I've split them into 2 blogs - welcome to part 1:

Selfridges department store is famous for its lights and windows: 

A bold claims

Paddington is everywhere this year with his marmalade and a taxi

Mother Goose

Golden spider's web
 Marks and Spencer are making their slogan as big as possible:

 Classy Mayfair has great windows and some peacock feather new lights:

House of Fraser is hard to miss:

South Molton Street is an annual favourite of mine - classy, simple, festive: 

John Lewis have gone big on penguins in their window among household bringing us cute fun - penguins with pants on their heads!!

Part 2 of London's festive lights to follow very soon. 

Bye for now,

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